Safety Officer Training

Ensure safety compliance in the workplace

According to German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

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Why is Safety Officer Training mandatory?

Under Section 22 of the Social Code VII, businesses employing over twenty staff members are required to appoint a minimum of one Safety Officer.

HSC Academy provides extensive education and training on occupational safety and recognized certifications that comply with legal requirements. You may rely on our significant professional expertise. We will instruct your personnel effectively to ensure a safer working environment and prevent workplace incidents.

How is Safety Officer Training conducted?

A training course for Safety Officers is being conducted by qualified trainers according to § 22 SGB VII, § 20 DGUV regulation 1, and DGUV regulation 100-001. The training lasts one working day. Participants receive personal Safety Officer certificates.

HSC Academy delivers customized and comprehensive training courses with industry relevance. Our experienced instructors convey a direct practical reference to the work in your company.

What advantages does training provide to the company?

A Safety Officer’s mission is to reduce the possibility of workplace accidents and illnesses. Safety officers support entrepreneurs and managers regarding occupational health and safety following DGUV Regulation 1 § 20. Their task is, in particular, to recognize accident and health hazards and to assist in their prevention. Well-trained employees guarantee a safe workplace.

Is there a certificate of completion from the HSC Academy?

Following the training, participants have the opportunity to discuss practical issues with the instructor. An immediate learning success evaluation is carried out through an exam.

Every participant gains a recognized certificate of competence: Safety Officer according to § 22 SGB VII, § 20 DGUV regulation 1, and DGUV rule 100-001 of the HSC Nord Academy.

What is the training content?

Safety Officer* Training Course

The following content is being taught:

  • Position, tasks, and rights of safety officers in the company
  • Workplace, hazards, accidents
  • Workplace accidents and their consequences
  • Role of occupational safety authorities and accident insurance institutions
  • Laws, ordinances, regulations, and rules of technology
  • Organization of occupational health and safety in the company
  • Basics of occupational safety
  • Occupational physicians and occupational health care, hazards and protective measures
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Power-driven work equipment
  • Work involving a risk of falling
  • Hazardous working materials
  • Fire hazards
  • Electrical installations and mobile equipment
  • Internal transport and traffic
  • Escape and rescue routes
  • First aid

*Please note the Safety Officer does not replace the Occupational Safety Officer.

Recurring Safety Officer Training Course

HSC Academy strongly recommends a recurrent training course after a maximum of 5 years.

Where is the Safety Officer Training held?

Safety Officer Training Course can take place directly on the client’s premises. Additionally, clients can opt for online training courses.

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