Fire protection assistant training

Ensure that your fire protection meets safety standards

According to German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

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Why is Fire protection assistant training mandatory?

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the DGUV regulations, every employer is required to instruct staff on proper behavior when facing fire.

HSC Academy provides extensive fire safety training courses and recognized certifications that comply with legal requirements. You may rely on our significant professional expertise. We will instruct your personnel effectively in order to ensure efficient preventative measures and appropriate reactions.

At least 5% of the employees must be trained as fire protection assistants.

How is Fire protection assistant training conducted?

A training course for fire protection assistants is being held according to section 6.2 of ASR A2.2 and conducted by qualified trainers following DGUV-I 205-023.

The size of the group is a maximum of 5 employees.

What advantages does training provide to the company?

Having a fire protection assistant on site proved valuable to the safety of any organization. A trained assistant offers significant support in the case of a fire, fights incipient fires, and even aids during the evacuation.

Future Fire protection assistants become competent in matters of fire origin, activities, and conduct in case of fire and firefighting. Furthermore, they acquire a thorough knowledge of the company’s fire protection equipment, including hands-on training in the use of fire extinguishers.

Is there a certificate of completion from the HSC Academy?

Participants receive personal fire protection assistant certificates.

Following the training, every participant gains a recognized certificate of competence for submission to the companies’ accident insurance, e.g., DGUV.

What is the training content?

Expert qualification of fire protection assistants

In addition to the Basic principles of preventive fire protection, the following content is being taught:

  • Understanding of the company fire protection organization
  • Function and effectiveness of fire extinguishing systems
  • Dangers from fires
  • Creation of fires
  • What to do in the event of a fire
  • Handling fire extinguishers*

* A practical fire extinguishing exercise is held on-site as an important part of the training course.

Expert recurring qualification of fire protection assistants

following DGUV Information 205-023 Paragraph 5

Every 3-5 years, fire protection assistants should attend a recurrent training course to keep their skills sharp and refresh their knowledge.

Optionally, recurring fire protection assistant training may include evacuation assistant training.

Where is the Fire protection assistant training held?

The fire protection assistant training contains two parts: theoretical and practical. Both can take place directly on the client’s premises.

Additionally, clients can opt for hybrid courses, with the theoretical part held online and the practical fire extinguisher training at the location of the future fire protection assistant.

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