Occupational Medicine

Occupational medical care according to ASiG

Promoting the health and performance of your employees through customized care models. Whether on-site, via telemedicine, or digitally – our interdisciplinary team of highly qualified specialists will provide you with legally sound advice on all occupational health and safety issues.

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Annika Brehm

Annika Brehm

Head of Department Occupational Medicine

  • 040 – 22 616 35 20

Occupational medicine

Safety-related and occupational medical care according to § 3 ASiG from a single source


Company health management (BGM)

We help you to maintain an overview and to develop an effective operational WHM.


Operational integration management (BEM)

Let’s find out together with the employee how we can make their workplace healthier.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The individual program for the health of your employees.