Whether day care center, community, sports club, apartment owner association or fast food restaurant - we check your playgrounds nationwide in accordance with DIN EN 1176-7.

Playground tests in accordance with DIN EN 1176-7

Play safely

The DIN EN 1176/1177 standards regulate the safety requirements and test methods for playground equipment and playground floors. These safety specifications are formulated in such a way that 100% safety on playgrounds cannot be derived. The loss of life, mobility, sensory perception and the eventual loss of limbs must be avoided. Injuries, which can also occur in sport, are accepted as manageable, calculable residual risks.

It must be possible for children to experience, learn and thus control the risks in life. Playing with risk is therefore vital.

According to BGB § 823, however, the operator is responsible for road safety, which GUV – SI 8017 defines in chap. 7 visual checks (daily, weekly), functional checks (every 1-3 months) and annual checks.

Take advantage of our range of professional playground tests in accordance with DIN EN 1176-7.