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HSC NORD Consulting

HSE Consulting Services— value-adding, trustworthy guidance on occupational safety

HSC Nord Consulting is on a mission to evolve occupational safety and corporate wellness.
We deliver expert resources fused with advanced technology.

As a company that provides guidance on critical challenges in safety compliance, HSC Nord has implemented HSE strategies capable of making a meaningful difference in every organization. We align these strategies to your targets.


Services HSE Software
made in germany

HSE Management Software

Compliance game-changer— a digital tool created to aid with safety compliance duties

HSC Nord is a leading provider of innovative health & safety solutions that meet regulatory and inter-company requirements. Our occupational safety specialists developed Germany’s most extensively used Health, Safety & Environment Software.

With information technology altering the HSE sector at an unprecedented rate, we support businesses to embrace digital transformation, fulfill legal requirements, and avoid substantial investment while preventing hazards.


Services HSE Software
made in germany

HSC Occupational Medicine

Occupational Health Services
Occupational Medicine Practice Hannover

HSC Nord provides you with the best occupational medical care possible. We advocate for a proactive health culture in the workplace with a comprehensive, reliable, and personalized approach.

HSC Nord believes a consistent health and safety program is more than a legal obligation. It is a duty affecting a company’s ethics and social influence outside the marketplace.


Services HSE Software
made in germany
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HSC Nord understands the importance of keeping employees healthy and safe. We offer a range of services to help you achieve this goal. HSC guarantees unique compliance consulting services and tech solutions to any challenge vital to your enterprise.

The emphasis is placed on your employees’ preventive safety with HSC and ISO 45001 certification.

HSC Nord certified 2023 iso 45001

The following domains constitute our expertise: nationwide safety-related consulting, HSE management software, and occupational medicine, with every service available separately upon request.

HSC Nord is committed to providing top-notch assistance tailored to your needs.

Your safety is our top priority!


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Occupational medicine

Our company physicians advise you as an employer in the context…

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Including testing of electrical equipment, shelf testing.

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Fire Protection

Among other things, appointment of a fire protection officer, training of fire protection assistants, creation of escape and rescue plans.

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Advice in occupational Safety

Including appointment of a specialist for occupational safety.

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Management systems

Including occupational health and safety management systems, DIN ISO 45001: 2018.


HSE management software

Go paperless with Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery!

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Maintain your Health, Safety & Environment system organized and support employees with the industry’s best Compliance Automation Software.

Reduce administrative burden and focus on what matters most: staff well-being.


icon Innovative

  • Latest technologies in use
  • Unlimited scalable system
  • Multilingualism
  • User-friendly
  • High acceptance Interfaces
  • IOS App available

icon Legally secure

  • Based on current legal regulations – legally secure
  • Fulfillment of entrepreneurial duties
  • Comprehensive documentation

icon Qualitative

  • In use at over 4500 customer sites
  • Uniform layout of reports and certificates
  • Norm court
  • Effectiveness controls
  • Controlling
  • Obtain employee opinions
  • Simply different
    • Combination of Ing Office and IT and thus from practice for practice
    • No purchased tools – own developments
    • No purchased content – over 30 of our own occupational safety specialists in action
    • Continuous further development of the software
    • Continuous adaptation of the contents to current legislation
    • Consideration of customer-specific wishes
  • Eficient
    • Available anytime and anywhere – web-based
    • All data of the HSE in one system
    • Mapping of internal workflows
    • Consideration of internal responsibilities
    • Forwarding and reminder functions
    • Implementation of standardized workflows
    • Practice-oriented contents
    • Intuitive use

Nationwide support – support concepts tailored to your company’s purpose and size.


Since 2012, HSC Nord has ensured professional and digitally reinforced safety support for companies across industries, regardless of size.

Businesses are legally obligated to oversee a wide range of complex HSE issues. One of the numerous perpetual responsibilities inside every organization involves managing occupational safety. Being realists, we understand that the company’s financial management comes first, with avoiding substantial investment in mind. In light of this, Nord’s ultimate goal is to reduce your economic and administrative burdens.

HSC Nord has earned an excellent reputation nationwide. Managing directors entrust us with the health of their employees in over 4,500 customer locations and work with us on an equal footing. Clients appreciate our expertise and passion as we continue to provide long-term partnerships based on innovation, professionalism, and competence.

Maik Bergmann (Managing Director)


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In 2015, our company was the first company in our industry to be certified by the VBG in accordance with AMS.


We are there when and where you need us – nationwide.


All documents are standardized, easy to understand and digital in one portal


Our processes save your time and thus resources


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