If required, we will provide you with a safety and health coordinator (SiGeKo) in accordance with the Construction Site Ordinance (BauStellV).

Position of SiGeKo

Certainly big moves

Large systems are constantly being adapted to the changing requirements. This usually goes hand in hand with extensive construction work.

If employees of at least 2 employers work on the construction site (contractors), if particularly dangerous work is carried out or if the construction project comprises at least 500 man-days, a safety and health coordinator (SiGeKo) must be appointed in accordance with the construction site ordinance (BauStellV).

Our specialists for occupational safety in the plants have additional training for SiGeKo and are ordered in writing by the client for a specific construction site in accordance with the BaustellV.

Your added value: security advice, security project management and construction coordination from a single source. Benefit from our experience in plant construction, for example in heavy industry, petrochemicals and power plant construction.