Operational integration
management (BEM)

Let’s find out together with the employee how we can make their workplace healthier.

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Since 2004, employers have been obliged under Section 167 (2) of Social Code Book 9 (SGB IX) to carry out corporate integration management (CIM/BEM) for all employees who are, without interruption or repeatedly, incapacitated for work for more than six weeks within one year. The aim is to overcome the incapacity to work of a company’s employees as far as possible, to prevent renewed incapacity to work and retain the job of the employee concerned.

In this context, the CIM process is not limited to interviews with employees returning after sickness or the application of reintegration plans. Rather, the aim is to clarify at an early stage whether and which measures need to be taken to promote the longest possible continuation of the employment relationship. Gathered preparatory measures should include information about the workplace and the work requirements based on the risk assessment. The company physician and the safety specialist will be happy to advise you. With this knowledge, the company physician will compare the requirements of the workplace with the performance profile of the person entitled to CIM. Together, solution approaches and measures are developed and their success is evaluated in the further course.

Corporate integration management process (CIM)


Corporate integration management is a process from which not only the employees benefit.

It also has a positive impact on the employer:

  • The health and performance of employees are promoted.
  • Sick leave and absenteeism are reduced, thus saving personnel costs.
  • Sickness-related absenteeism is prevented, thus countering the effects of demographic change.
  • Positive effects on employee satisfaction and identification with the company, thus improving their productivity.
  • It contributes to a company being perceived as a fair and caring employer. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, this positive image is a constantly growing factor in the competitiveness of a company.

A structured approach is recommended in order to make corporate integration management efficient. We are happy to support you all the way from the development of your CIM process to the successful implementation and monitoring of an integrated CIM process.