Fire protection concepts / fire protection certificates

Fire protection concepts for new and existing properties through a specialist planner.

Development of fire protection concepts / evidence by a specialist planner

Due to the type of use, the size of the building, the machines, systems, work equipment and materials inside and the built-in materials, increased fire hazards can arise, which in individual cases contravene building law or fire protection regulations.

The interaction of different influencing factors on fire protection in the buildings used gives rise to a very complex question of how fire protection can be ensured in order to avoid or limit damage to people, property and the environment as much as possible.

The state building regulations and guideline 01-01 of the Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection therefore provide for comprehensive fire protection concepts to be drawn up for complex fire protection requirements, which form the basis for building permits and, in the event of later use, for the safe use of the building. The building owner or the entrepreneur as the later operator is responsible for the development of a fire protection concept.

Essentially, fire protection certificates must be drawn up for new construction and renovation measures from building class 4, for changes in use that are subject to application, as well as meeting, sales and industrial buildings, which in the event of deviations from the statutory provisions and ordinances as fire protection concepts with information on deviations and their applications for the building authorities would like to be worked out for you by us.

We are happy to advise you and accompany you on the way to your individual fire protection concept.