Creation of escape and rescue plans

Creation of escape and rescue plans according to DIN 23601, even if you do not have a CAD drawing of your floor plan.

Creation of escape and rescue plans in accordance with ASR A2.3

The workplace regulation ASR A2.3 “emergency routes and exits, escape and rescue plan” obliges the entrepreneurs to create for the establishment escape and rescue plans and be regularly checked for relevance, if the location and amenities of the affected areas and the use require this at the workplace.

As part of a risk assessment, it is determined whether one or more of the following criteria apply and therefore an escape and rescue plan must be drawn up: Confusing escape route guidance (e.g. nooks and crannies, over several floors, etc.), high proportion of people who are unfamiliar with the building, areas with increased risk through fire-endangered rooms without automatic fire extinguishing systems or rooms at risk of toxic or explosive substances etc. The escape and rescue plans to be drawn up are standardized in accordance with DIN 23601, as are the safety signs to be used in them from the workplace rule ASR A1.3 “Safety and health protection signs”, which are to be used in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7010 and DIN 4844-2 are standardized.