Water protection

If required, appoint your external water protection officer (GSB) in accordance with the Water Resources Act (WHG).

Water protection officer

The water protection officer (WPO) (also operating officer for water protection) must be appointed in accordance with the German Water Management Act (WHG) if the water user is allowed to discharge more than 750 cubic meters of wastewater per day.

If a system poses particular dangers, this can be necessary even with small amounts of wastewater.

The competent authority can also order the appointment of a water protection officer in other cases.

The main tasks of the water protection officer include:

  • Advising the water user and the employees in the context of water protection
  • Monitoring compliance with regulations, rules and regulations and legal requirements
  • Regularly check the sewage systems and measure the amount and characteristic of sewage
  • They are involved in the development and implementation of improvement measures
  • In-house reconnaissance of excessive environmental impacts
  • Creation of an annual activity report