Operations officer for waste

Are you obliged to appoint a waste management officer? Take advantage of the expertise of our environmental engineers.

Company representative for waste in accordance with the ordinance on company representative for waste

A company representative for waste (waste representative) must be appointed if you are

  • Operator of a take-back system for sales packaging, electrical devices or batteries,
  • Owners of waste in accordance with Section 27 of the Recycling Management Act (e.g. when taking back packaging, electrical appliances or batteries),
  • Operator of a plant, landfill, hospital or wastewater treatment plant of size class 5 that requires a permit.

The main tasks of the waste officer include:

  • Control of the generated waste (from delivery (creation) until removal)
  • Compliance with legal regulations and official requirements
  • Development of proposals for the elimination of complaints
  • In-house awareness-raising about harmful environmental impacts that start from the waste
  • Development and implementation of environmentally friendly processes and products
  • Creation of an annual activity report