Immission control

If required we can provide you with an omission control officer in accordance with § 53 Para. 1 and 2 BlmSchG.

Immission control officer

An immission control officer must be appointed in accordance with Section 53, Paragraph 1 of the BImSchG if you are the operator of a facility that requires a permit within the meaning of the BImSchG and at least one of the following points is met:

  • The system requires this due to its type and size
  • the type of outgoing emissions this requires
  • possible technical problems of the emission control this require
  • the generation of harmful environmental effects through air pollution, noise or vibrations, despite proper use, require this.

Furthermore, the appointment of an immission control officer (even for systems that do not require approval) can be officially ordered in accordance with Section 53 (2) BImSchG.

The main tasks of the immission control officer include:

  • Supporting the development and introduction of more environmentally friendly procedure for avoidance or orderly and harmless recovery / disposal of the waste generated
  • Supporting the development and introduction of more environmentally friendly products and processes
  • Monitoring of compliance with immission control regulations
  • Carrying out regular inspections of the measurements of emissions and immissions
  • Development of proposals for the elimination of complaints
  • In-house reconnaissance of excessive environmental impacts
  • Development and implementation of environmentally friendly processes and products
  • Creation of an annual activity report