Shelves in accordance with DIN EN15635

Annual expert inspection by a shelf inspector in accordance with DIN EN 15635.

Checking shelves

Safe storage

We carry out the annual expert inspection in accordance with DIN EN 15635. The DIN EN 15635 standard aims to provide guidelines for the safe operation of shelving systems. The aim is to avoid dangers and effects from dangerous business processes as much as possible, or at least to reduce them to a minimum. In this respect, the standard is an effective and helpful set of instruments for the application of measures to effectively counter the risks identified during the risk assessment.

The necessary measures include, among other things, regular checking of the operating condition of the equipment used, the elimination of defects and, if necessary, the repair of damaged components. The DIN EN 15635 standard differentiates between an annual expert inspection by the shelf inspector and the weekly visual inspection by a person who is also known as a shelf checker.