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The occupational safety web application “The HSC Portal” went online for the first time in 2012 and is now the most widely used HSE software nationwide.

All applications are in-house developments of the HSC Group – consulting using the applications and development of the applications from one house is the unique selling point and a guarantee for absolute practical relevance and topicality. The HSC portal is subject to permanent further development and adaptation. The ideas of our specialists are incorporated in the same way as the wishes and suggestions of our customers.

The HSC Portal has a modular structure and, in addition to the functionality of an HSE management tool, offers the user all the necessary industry-specific content, regulations, documents, order documents, etc..

Started as an expert tool for occupational safety specialists (HSC Expert) to ensure quality standards in the nationwide regular supervision, the HSC Portal has continuously evolved and today differentiates between:

HSC Expert

The tool for all occupational safety specialists, occupational physicians, technical inspectors, technical fire protection specialists, etc.

Standardized processes simplify your daily work. The intuitive management of contracts and orders, customers, locations, orders, contacts and appointments simplifies your daily business sustainably and increases your efficiency enormously.

hsc expert showcase

Record activities in our portal or via our iOS app (for Apple devices), write reports, risk assessments, certificates… access over 80,000 data records and save valuable time.

Your added value:


Increase in the quality of your work output as well as your external image.


Enormous increase in efficiency is achieved due to a very high level of digitalization and the use of standardized processes.

HSC Viewer

In the HSC Portal, the exact structure of each company or organization is mapped. Whether it is a large corporation, a holding company, a county or a company with many hundreds of branches; all locations and departments are included in the management structure. The high level of digitalization ensures the efficient and professional processes of your management system.

With the HSC Viewer, you can quickly and clearly find, view and, if necessary, download all documents from the HSC experts in a Portal. Save yourself the trouble of having your own DMS in OSH. View all occupational health and safety documents at any time in a standardized occupational health and safety management structure for each of your organizational units. Of course, HSC Viewer also takes care of your obligation to archive all these data and documents for 10 years.

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HSC Manager

Are you convinced by HSC Viewer? You already save a lot of time in the administration of your occupational safety documentation and want to use further advantages of the HSC Portal?

With the modular designed HSC Manager you get all functions to manage your HSE even easier.

HSC applications that complete your HSE management:

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Human Resources

  • Import of employees
  • eLearning incl. online instruction
  • employee survey
  • Risk assessment teleworkplace online
  • Moods – The mood of your employees
  • suggestion box/ company suggestion scheme
  • Functional personnel in occupational safety
  • First aid documentation
  • Preventive medical checkups management
  • Driver’s license check management
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Employee portal

  • eLearning incl. online instruction
  • Documents to be posted online
  • Company-specific mandatory documents online
  • Employee survey
  • Risk assessment teleworkplace online
  • Moods – the mood of your employees
  • suggestion box/ company suggestion scheme
hsc manager icon

Facility Management

  • Inspection and maintenance planner
  • Hazardous materials register
  • Complaint manager
  • Hazard assessments
  • Additional Features
    • Complete HSE management portal
    • Automated management functions
    • Modular structure
    • Mapping of your company-specific organizational structure
    • Save a lot of time and money
    • Act legally compliant
  • Acceptance
    • Intuitive operation and high user-friendliness
    • Comprehensible contents
    • Low technical requirements – Internet-capable end device with browser (ideally Google Chrome)
    • No maintenance costs, no updates required
    • DSGVO compliant
  • Administration
    • Comprehensive controlling and reporting with escalation levels
    • Reports and statistics adapted to the company structure
    • 10-year documentation of all documents
    • Mapping of the company structure (administration of locations and groups)
    • Simple import of users (via CSV) – thus you always keep the stored users up to date
    • Integration into the intranet possible
    • Interfaces to personnel leading system

HSC Expert

Are you a health and safety professional who wants to work more efficiently and digitally?

Take advantage of the HSC Portal as:

  • Occupational safety specialist
  • Occupational physician
  • Electrician (testing according to DGUV V3)
  • Technical inspection in occupational safety
  • Technical fire protection specialist
  • facility manager

Work more professionally and efficiently!

HSC Viewer

Experts create and store all documents digitally in the HSC Portal. Access all your HSE management documents at any time and from any location.

  • All documents of the HSC experts in a clear and intuitive structure (DMS)
  • Mapping of your organizational structure
  • View and download all documents of the HSC experts
  • Assignment of sub-rights for smaller units (e.g. branches or departments)
  • Archiving according to legal requirements

Documenting occupational health and safety has never been so easy!

HSC Manager

Take advantage of other HSE Management applications and complete your HSC portal.

  • Complaint Manager
  • Risk assessments
  • Human resources in occupational safety and health
  • eLearning
  • Employee survey
  • Functional personnel
  • VorsorgeManager
  • GB Teleworkplace
  • Driver’s license check
  • etc.
  • HSC employee portal
  • Laws requiring posting
  • Digital bulletin board
  • Moods
  • Facility Management
  • Hazardous materials directory
  • Inspection and maintenance planner

Perfect your occupational health and safety and manage HSE processes and documents completely digitally.


We have the strictest requirements for our data security and data protection.



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